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1701A S. 2nd Street
Austin TX 78704
(512) 912 1327
(Fax) 912 1375


Our original research is distributed in a number of ways: reports, press releases, editorials, graphs and tables. We make these reports available to the general public at no cost to ensure that everyone who is interested can learn more about issues that affect low income and minority consumers.

On this site, our publications are grouped by various issue areas, listed in the left border of each page. If you wish to access our research by topic, please click on the appropriate subject area. The reports are available in both an abridged Web-based version and an unabridged downloadable pdf file.

For specific reports and published material, please consult the following list:

Graphs and tables are interspersed among the various reports.

To order a hard copy of a report, please contact us by phone, fax or email with your name, address and organization.