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Press Resources

As a member of the press, you play an important role in educating the public about their money, their rights and their choices.

As an advocacy organization, we have an obligation to produce valid, timely and comprehensible information available to anyone who needs it.

In short, we want to inform people on how to understand the insurance industry, equip them with tools to understand it, and be available for any questions that arise during the navigation of this extremely complex system.

Our publication, A Consumer Advocate's Guide to Getting, Understanding, and Using Insurance Data, published in August 1999, is the first stop on the road to playing the insurance game on a professional level. This user-friendly handbook, written for everyone from the novice consumer to the expert testifier, gives the low-down on the insurance industry. Included in the handbook are explanations of the types of insurance, types and sources of insurance data, terminology, the process of ratemaking, as well as a glossary with quick-glance entries covering all the lingo of the trade.